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Floersheimer Studies
The Institute of Urban and Regional Studies
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Floersheimer Studies is a singular program, publishing studies in the field of society, governance and space in Israel. The program was established in 2007 replacing the Floersheimer Institute for Policy Studies that was active between 1991 and 2007. Similar to Institute that preceded it, the program was supported by it's founder, Dr. Stephen H. Floersheimer, and is headed by Prof. Eran Razin with the help of an academic committee.

Since 1991, the Floersheimer Institute and Floersheimer Studies published nearly two hundred studies, conducted by over one hundred researchers. The publications address topics related to local governance, aspects of planning and governance in Arab localities, and religion-society-state relations. The Goal of Floersheimer Studies is to add knowledge regarding fundamental processes taking place in the multi-cultural Israeli society, analyze the long-term implications of these processes, and propose alternative strategies of action, with the aim of engaging the attention of decision makers.

Researche Fields

Floersheimer Studies gained substantial prominence within Israel in the research of Society, Space and Governance. The publications primarily address the subject of local government and governance with an emphasis on planning and development on the local and regional scales.

Some of the publications are related to two sub-fields:
Arabs and Jews in Israel, particularly aspects of overcoming external and internal barriers for development. The Floersheimer Institute was among the first to publish policy papers on these crucial issues.
Relations between religion, society and state, with a focus on integration of the Haredi community into the labor market, an issue that is crucial for economic growth and reversing the trend of growing economic disparities in Israeli society.


Publication of policy studies and policy papers, either commissioned or based on studies and dissertations of Hebrew University Students.
Granting research fellowships to Hebrew University faculty and graduate students.
Receiving the grants is contingent on the publication of the research findings as a policy paper in Floersheimer Studies.
Holding and funding conferences and discussion groups on subjects related to Floersheimer Studies' publications, among them:
The Planning Association Conference of 2014 that was held at the Hebrew University, hosted dozens of speakers and over 600 participants.
A conference on the subject of Local Planning and Distributive Justice within the Local Government, 2013.